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Sweater Stories

Postby Walter » Mon Jan 12, 2009 2:28 pm

Let me tell you a story.....no, wait! Why don't you tell a story? :D

Back by popular demand, the stories section. Unleash your creativity and please share true fetish true stories, fantasies, most welcome are little short stories. Keep it strictly within our subject, do your best, keep it tasteful and keep it woolly :wink: Treat other peoples's stories with the utmost care and respect. Some are meant to be spread, but some are heavily copyrighted and should not be copied at all.

I think that we'll keep the stories in the story section and do the discussions (which I hope will come) here in the forum. It is tidyer, and a lot more friendly to readers if someone makes a multi-part story in the same thread.

I hope this section will live and breathe and fire all of our imaginations. :D

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White Fox
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Re: Sweater Stories

Postby White Fox » Mon Jan 12, 2009 4:14 pm

It is so great to be here at this time to see this happen. You folks were stuck at the bottom of the fur site for so long. We hope to keep expanding this area. If you have suggestions on how to do that, let us know.

The stories area. In time - hours, and not days - members of this site will see the hearders only for the stories area. It is another forum. Guests will not see the titles though. If you want to read the stories you need to become a stories group member. That is just part of our security as we do not want young lads and lasses to see those. To become a group member (and see the stories) all you need to do is to have 20 posts here or have donated over a certain level or both. If you have, just ask Walter and he will let you in. Or I can as well. To post a story, you just make a post in that forum. To post a story, just contact Walter and he will flip a simple switch and you are away. From then on, you simply post just as you post here. It is extremely simple to post, but Walter does have to "let you in" as we say. Story length is limited. If yours is too long, just post it in two or three parts on the same thread. The area itself is ready now. Indeed, although it is not set so members can see the forum title yet, the area itself is finished and ready to post stories, and ready for you to read them, etc.

As Walter mentioned, please keep discussion about stories in the main Melody forum.

In time we may post these in a wiki, but until we have a few stories to enter we think that we should post them this way.

There are no stories there yet. We have gotten this new area ready. Now it is your turn. Pick your favorite ones as Walter mentioned. Make up your own. Now is your turn to have fun! Just let Walter know when you would like to see the stories area, or when you would like to post one or more.

Just want to say Thank You to Walter, FrBrGr, and AKcoyote for helping us get this going. Actually it was quite easy to do, as we all knew you had mentioned it before Christmas and that we needed to get it done. Hope you enjoy it! Once again, if you have any suggestions just let Walter know and we will do our best to make this site your place to relax and have fun!

Welcome to the stories section of Melody O'hair.

White Fox
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Re: Sweater Stories

Postby AKcoyote » Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:36 pm

All registered members should now be able to see the existence of the new Stories area on the main index page.
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